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The Grid is a tool you can use right away. Hear what is being said about this approach.

“I have experienced a one on one session with the Grid and even though I have never had a problem with addiction or alcoholism I had an AHA response. The approach is not only powerful, it has a tremendous impact in such a short period of time. Kathy has presented it to several of our ROFW groups and the response has been extremely positive.”  

Suellen Fried Founder

Reaching Out From Within

“The Grid is an innovative approach for the client to gain an understanding of the workings of the 12 steps.  It is a simple but thorough way for the therapist to explain to the client the benefit of working the 12 steps to support their recovery.” 

Winthrop Smith Retired

Chemical Dependency Therapist of 35 years

 “Experience the paradigm shift which allows you to plug into the 12 steps within a few hours.”
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Simple—Not Easy 

People with complicated problems often look for complicated solutions. Usually the answer is simple.